Kitchens serve multiple purposes in a modern home—a change from when your house was likely built. As the hub of your home, kitchens need to be open, airy, and inviting, yet highly functional for busy families.

Our team of experts can help you rethink your kitchen. Walls can be removed to let in air and light. You may have space for an island where friends and family can gather, or for a small office area.

We can help you create a detailed plan for your new kitchen, updating circulation, lighting, fixtures and finishes to meet your current needs; our goal is always to deliver exceptional craftsmanship.


Stapleton Construction can help you turn your bathroom into a spa-like retreat. More space and storage are possible, and so are curbless showers, clean lines, and modern materials such as stainless steel, copper, and glass tile. Electric in-floor heat under your new tile will keep your feet warm every day of the year.

Whole-House Remodels

Considering a whole-house remodel.  Whether you’re looking to sell your home or simply want to make your property more comfortable, we have the tools and skills to upgrade and improve your entire home, increasing space, flow, functionality, and appearance. Using your home’s original good bones as a starting point, rooms can be unified by selections in molding, doors, and other finishes. Whether your tastes are formal and traditional or casual and contemporary, your family’s personality will be reflected in your remodeled home.


The additional space you need in your home might be right under your feet! A finished basement is a money saving option that can double your home’s livable space and increase its value.

Stapleton Construction can transform your basement into a bright, warm, inviting place. Egress windows will bring in more daylight and add to your home’s value by increasing its number of bedrooms. Built-ins for media and wet bars create great family or entertainment spaces. Additional or upgraded basement bathrooms or a new laundry room can increase your basement’s functionality. Crown molding and updated finishes will dress up your basement space.

Custom Built-in Cabinetry

There are sometimes spaces in a home where extra storage is needed but the configuration of the space does not accommodate off-the- shelf cabinetry. Stapleton Construction can design and custom build furniture that will fit seamlessly and beautifully into your home, turning that small nook into a functional storage area.

Outdoor Structures

Extra living space can also be found out your back door with a new deck, porch, or patio. We build outdoor structures in many styles, with many levels, and in the most challenging places. You may want a deck made out of redwood, cedar, composite, Ipé or other Brazilian hardwoods. The right handrail—whether of wood, decorative metal, composite, glass, or steel cable– ties your new deck into the character of your home’s exterior.

Finishing Touches

With roots in finish carpentry and an eye for proportion and detail our team excels at the finishing touches. Finish carpentry plays a critical role in the final quality of a remodeling project. For instance, a door that is trimmed and hung improperly will not be level and therefore will not function correctly. Even though we are not always conscious of these details of our home, an exposed endgrain or unparallel line can be subconsciously jarring. Whether we are installing crown molding on a vaulted ceiling, refinishing a hardwood floor, or tiling a backsplash, at Stapleton Construction we are meticulous about detail, and will take the time to ensure that your home is finished properly and beautifully.